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A Truck Accident Advocate’s Dedication to Clients

When a truck crash happens, victims are often overwhelmed with bills, calls from insurance companies and uncertainty about their future. A Seattle truck accident advocate can help ease the stress by handling all aspects of the case so victims can focus on healing.

There are thousands of trucks on the road each day in the United States, and they can be dangerous even when driven properly. In fact, crashes with these massive vehicles frequently cause fatalities. Survivors of these accidents can suffer devastating injuries.

Many of these injuries require lifetime medical care. They also may result in lost wages and other financial losses. An experienced Seattle truck accident attorney can help determine the full impact of a client’s losses and seek fair compensation from all parties with legal liability for the accident.

To win a claim against a negligent driver or company, victims must prove that the defendant breached their duty of care and caused their accident-related injuries. This could be as simple as showing that the driver failed to observe traffic laws or drove under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Alternatively, the driver may have caused the accident by driving too fast for conditions or turning into oncoming traffic. Your Seattle truck accident lawyer can explain the law in more detail, as well as how to apply it to your specific case.

A Seattle truck accident lawyer can identify the liable party and gather evidence to support your claim. He or she will also handle communication and negotiations with the liable parties. If there are multiple liable parties, this can be especially challenging. A Seattle truck accident advocate’s dedication to clients who has experience with complex cases and numerous liable parties can efficiently manage the complexities of a collision involving large trucks.

While a settlement or verdict awarded by a court cannot take away your pain and suffering, it can provide the funds you need to pay for medical bills, lost income, property damage and other expenses related to the accident. Most personal injury settlements are paid out as a single lump sum, and most defendants and insurers prefer this because of its finality. However, if your injuries are severe and require long-term care, it may be necessary to negotiate structured payments that will cover ongoing costs.

Morgan Adams is a Seattle truck accident advocate with a reputation for winning substantial awards for clients injured in crashes involving trucks and other large vehicles. He founded Truck Wreck Justice in 1997 and has become an expert in this area of personal injury law, lecturing and writing on the subject for other attorneys. He is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and has achieved numerous multi-million dollar awards for his clients. He is dedicated to providing high-quality representation and a positive client experience. Contact his office to schedule a free consultation today.